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Cinematic Storytelling at its best!

Our videos are among the best in the industry. And we don't say that lightly... Our videos have been viewed over a combined 2.7 Million times worldwide (source: vimeo/youtube).

Our knowledge, expertise, visual "eye," direction & attention to detail, have been and continue to be essential in our studios success. It moves us forward in correctly anticipating and capturing the vision, love & the excitement of your day — to the translation of all that content into a form (your edits) that will give you and your family renewed delight for the rest of your and their lives! This is a tall order. It is one on which we deliver.

We are artists & perfectionists! Each VisualMasterpiece film is painstakingly crafted, every frame, color and sound are examined and intentionally placed; the story and visual elements carefully considered and reconsidered before being presented to you. And you are not just another date on our calendar — we really care about you & about the quality of the work we deliver. The downsides to maintaining high quality has always been longer in-editing hours than most other studios choose commit, but we believe it is a worthy compromise; our work has always remained consistent throughout our career. As a result we cannot book everyone and only select a limited number of clients per year.

Our most rigorous edit is our 3-5 min. Highlight Film. It is the most intense and creative edit and comes standard with every event. You can view some of our past Highlight Films below. Other editing options are: 10-20 minute Main Feature; Real-Time Documentary Edits of the main events; and 1-minute Instagram Teasers. No-editing Raw delivery is also an option, please contact us for details. Our natural editing style has been described as "glamorous, high-fashion, moody and emotional".. But if that's not you, and you're more "fun, funny and the life of a party" then we'll totally pick up on that too. If you have any questions regarding VisualMasterpiece Films please contact us.

*Several of our films are private due to non-discloser agreements, which we are very familiar with and more than happy to accommodate Your privacy and the privacy of your guests are important to us.

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Visual Masterpiece Photography and Cinema
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Destination Weddings

We've traveled as far as the East is from the West…
The blue on the map is where we've been, but we still have a lot of uncharted territory to see. If you have a destination wedding let us know and we'll check if our schedule allows for the trip!

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