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It's YOUR BIG DAY! We couldn't be happier that you're considering Visual Masterpiece as your Photography + Cinematography Studio!

Your wedding day will create memories to last a lifetime. Entrust the recording of this most memorable day to a studio with a long history of excellence. Visual Masterpiece is one of the best & most sought after wedding studios in the world. We don’t take that lightly!

Here is a little about us: who we are and what makes Visual Masterpiece unique… Michael and Rebecka are a perfect husband and wife team with complimentary strengths and weaknesses; Michael is the naturally gifted craftsman and artist, he adamantly cares about the excellence of the work as a top priority. Rebecka's poise and presence warms every room she enters; she is passionate about people, culture, history and business. They both understand the meaning of service and desire to make everyone around them comfortable.

Michael enrolled in art college at 13 years old. At 15 he began an internship with Image Comics working in the studio of Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld. Michael first picked up a camera in his early 20s and, once again, he felt the magic of creative, visual storytelling. This time, with his wife Rebecka at his side, he chose cinematography & photography as his career and together he & Rebecka began Visual Masterpiece. The Studio has taken them literally across the world, both shooting weddings and teaching the art and business of cinema and photography.

Michael and Rebecka have an innate talent which sets Visual Masterpiece apart. This is what has brought them so many accolades & why, regardless of location, people seek out Visual Masterpiece for their wedding day. With Michael's background as an artist and Rebecka’s background as a Financial Advisor working directly with luxury clients, They consider themselves to have a unique perspective when approaching wedding photography and cinema. Also unlike many young startups, Visual Masterpiece has been Michael's sole business since 2004, in other words his primary focus is YOU! By specializing, that means that Visual Masterpiece can devote themselves to your wedding experience and make sure that it’s the best around!

Lastly, its important to know that Visual Masterpiece are in business to eliminate YOUR regrets. When is the next time you will have the opportunity for something like this again? Never! Your friends and family will be together at this exact moment in time only once. Being married themselves, Michael and Rebecka are all too familiar with this and are incredibly intent on giving you their best for your wedding day. We are excited to hear from you!

Destination Weddings

We've traveled as far as the East is from the West..
The blue on the map is where we've been, but we still have a lot of uncharted territory to see. If you have a destination wedding let us know and we'll check if our schedule allows for the trip!

"Working with Michael and Rebecka was truly magical. No other way to explain it. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Notable Awards & Accomplishments

2006 First Accolades + Sponsor

From the beginning we had our eye on the prize. We won a Telly award on our very first wedding (shot in 2005), and acquired our first industry sponsor Varizoom.

2010 Going Viral

Tiffany and Brook's wedding video appropriately coined the "wePhone" video, caught the imagination of literally millions of viewers across the internet and was ripped and reposted more times than we'll ever know.

2012 Infocus Platform Presenter

Our first major speaking engagement rocked the house! Fortunately Rebecka didn't buckle under the pressure of public speaking in front of 400 industry peers #no-sweat

2014 Infocus Platform Presenter

In our return venture to the Infocus platform we had the luxury of speaking as platform presenters on the art of cinematography and also held a 4 hour class on dynamic editing with our favorite software.

2015 New Partnerships

Finao Books, Pixellu Smart Albums, Rode Microphones and Glidecam Industries joined Cinevate, Induro, Varizoom, SmallHD and TheMusicBed as sponsors in 2015. We are incredibly blessed to be able to produce excellent work in that our sponsors recognize and are proud to partner with us!

2016 WPPI Platform Presenters

WPPI is without a doubt the largest professional photographers convention on the planet with over 40 thousand people attending. We were extremely honored to be platform presenters.

2016 Canon Live Learning

Canon Cameras partnered with us in the creation of a series of mini courses and an extensive two-day workshop in Orange County, CA - sponsored by Canon USA.

2017 WPPI Master Class Instructor

2017 we return to WPPI as master class instructors covering all things editing!


Photography starting at $4999

Cinematography starting at $5999

We offer a luxury photography and cinematography experience that is once in a lifetime. With Visual Masterpiece you are working with a world-renowned photo+video team to get one-of-a-kind results that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Average investment Range

$8,500 ~ 14,500

Associate Studio Services Available Starting at $3999

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Photography starting at $4999

Cinematography starting at $5999

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Visual Masterpiece Photography and Cinema
Brea, Ca 92821
Phone: 714-390-1092


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