Its Official! Bryce and Kayla Harper #thesequal San Diego Wedding

The Washington Nationals #allstar slugger Bryce Harper and Ohio State soccer player Kayla Varnerwe just got married.. and we filmed it!

We were in joint efforts with ong time friend David Perry as official videographers of the event. The wedding was a destination wedding for the couple, and chose to be married in the iconic San Diego LDS Temple in January 2017, it turned out to be a cold and rainy day in San Diego, but that didn’t stop Bryce or Kayla from enjoying every moment. The wedding featured a surprise first dance song by recording artist Joshua Radin.

Personal moment for me was after all was said and done, and we were just packing up.. all the guests had left, many of the vendors had left (with a few people left to clean up), the police left.. lol.. almost everyone accept the DJ and David and myself.. I’m pretty sure David was in his car when I gave hugs and said goodbye, then after that point they requested whoever was cleaning up to stop and give them a moment as they took the dance floor one last time as the DJ started a song and walked away.  I remember this mostly because its rare.. its incredibly rare.. to see this level of emotional intimacy, kindness and joy exhibited at the end of the night when most everyone is exhausted, they were making themselves present of what that day meant and cherishing every last moment as special and important. I’m a romantic at heart, and I was completely touched by who Bryce and Kayla are

Days after the event and I still hadn’t washed the mud off my car.. thanks Bryce & Kayla.. you owe me a car wash 😉


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